[sludge odors, sewer gas, Hydrogen sulfide odors (H2S odors) and other sewage smells]

A sewage facility in a state capitol city had sewage odor problems from the grit washer and chamber, and two sludge beds. They eliminated all sewage smells by using our super concentrated liquid (10131WS), diluting it 1 gallon to 27.5 gallons of water. This mixture was added to the grit washer by drip-feed system at 10 gallons per day. They also use a spray/fan system to disperse the mixture into the air. COST: $7200/yr

Four years ago a waste water treatment plant purchased 25 pounds of granules (10183G) and one gallon of super concentrated liquid (#10183WS) to use during the summer when odors are at their worst. He sprays some of the super concentrate on sleeves that hang around the plant and sprays some directly on other odorous material as needed. The customer reports the product works as well today as the day he received it. He still has a quarter gallon left. COST: less than $100/yr

A customer has 2 sludge decant basins 20 feet away from neighbors. He mounted some nozzles on the tanks and sprays the odor controlling liquid (#10410WS) to eliminate the odors. He said, "We have received guaranteed samples from other companies but Odor Control Co.ís products are the best." To eliminate their sewage smells, this customer has spent $400 on spray equipment. COST: $4400/yr for the odor neutralizer.


Read an article about a wastewater treatment plant in the Midwest.


Read the letter from the City of Los Angeles about our products  (The letter may take a few seconds to open)

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