A metal plating company uses 5,000 gallon vats inside a large building to gold-plate different metals. Odorous fumes travel from the vats through pipes and are released into the outside air. A custom blend of super concentrate liquid (#10410WS) is added to the vats to neutralize unwanted odors. Happy residents near the plant report no odor problems. COST: $900/yr


A mine in Alabama uses nine waterways from the mine that converge into one area containing extremely high levels of hydrogen sulfide with resulting odors. The company purchased odor neutralizing granules (#10411G) to use in our WindScent sleeves along a fence line surrounding the area. Each sleeve contains one pound of granules and is hung six feet from the ground every 10 running feet. The granules absorb odors for three months at which time the sleeves are refilled with fresh product. A light, pleasant evergreen scent remains in the air. There have been no complaints from neighbors since Odor Control products have been in use. COST: $1,000/yr



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