Free test program.

Let our lab identify the best odor controlling neutralizer for you.  Free samples are available to most customers and allow you to test the product before you buy.


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We are a family -owned and -managed business that has been successfully solving odor problems for over 30 years. Our customers receive personalized service and attention from the owners themselves.



We help a variety of industries. Waste water treatment facilities whether they are an industrial site or handle municipal sewerage have had their odor problems handled by Odor Control Co.'s products. Other industries include landfills, food processing, transportation and asphalt. Go to our case studies page for more details.


If you have hydrogen sulfide odors (H2S odors), we can help. If you have garbage or grease trap odors, we can help. Petroleum or acidic odors? We have the odor controlling system that can help you.


You decide which is best for you

Do you want to use a liquid or a solid to control your odor problems? Spray the odor neutralizer or hang sleeves filled with odor controlling granules. Other methods available- see products for more details.

Odor Control Sleeve
Spray odor control

Odor problems? Eliminate your odors as easily and inexpensively as possible. We have solutions.